Sixton London



A new bug box! 

A selection of 9 distinctive bug pins each with their own presentation box.  The box includes:  Bumble bee pin, Red queen bee, Turquoise butterfly pin, Coral insect, Turquoise insect, Amber bee, Jewel Insect, large red insect and Majestic insect.

Bug Pins from £10.99

Bumble bee pin: £12.99

Red queen bee: £10.99

Turquoise butterfly pin: £12.99

Coral insect: £18.00

Turquoise insect: £18.00

Amber bee: £12.99

Jewel insect: £12.99

Large red insect: £12.99

Majestic insect: £12.99

10% of the profits of this bug box are donated to Buglife, saving the small things that save the planet.